Carol Caputo
Carol Caputo

Carol Caputo, urban romantic has a very special way of looking at the world. Her work fuses rough downtown images with sophisticated uptown design. Carol personifies all things New York.

Born and raised in New York City, Carol credits her Italian family for stirring her creative juices. A Scholarship to the School of Visual Arts prepared Carol for her diverse creative journey.

Caputo’s extensive career in advertising and design is filled with award-winning creative projects. Her ads, illustrations and designs have appeared in magazines and theater productions, on posters and on TV, both national and international. Her work has been exhibited at the Art Directors Club, AIGA, the Society of Illustrators, Lever House, as well as in numerous galleries.

Carol‘s high energy and eclectic personality imposes many creative challenges. Traveling around the world renewed her passion for painting and drawing. The primitive and energetic feel in her work is inspired by her visits to China, India and Europe. This influence can be seen in the bold colors and patterns found in some of her earlier works.

But what inspires this New York girl most is her City. On any given day you will find her wandering around the streets of looking for inspiration. Considered an urban artist by many critics, Carol goes beyond graffiti in capturing the rhythm and multi-facetted aspects of her environment. She achieves this by making impression of bits and pieces of material that have been discarded or ignored throughout the city. While her impressions can be roughly assembled there is a sophistication and maturity in her execution.

In Carol’s most recent work she creates beautifully layered paintings that combine abstract forms with the familiar objects and patterns. She collects them randomly in her camera and sketchbook and later uses them as a kind of database for each new series. This exploration and investigation is the core of her creative process. “While I am making impressions of the city, the city is making impression on me. My art is the space between my environment and me.”